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Dienstag, den 25.09.2018 um 14:30 Uhr s.t. im THEP social room

T and CPT violation in $B^0-bar{B}^0$ mixing

Anirban Karan, HBNI, Taramani, India

CPT invariance is believed to be a sacred symmetry of nature as well as quantum field theory (QFT). Therefore, it is very important to test the validity of this assumption experimentally. Though all the experimental data is consistent with CPT conservation, improvement in statistics is expected in LHCb and Belle II. But LHCb cannot use the usual method of measuring CPT violation through entangled B 0 − B̄ 0 states and a new technique is required. We found that the time-dependent, indirect CP asymmetry (A fCP/CP T ) involving B decays to CP eigenstate contains enough information to measure T and CPT violation in B 0 − B̄ 0 mixing, in addition to the standard CP-violating weak phases. The advantages of this method are following: 1. Entangled B 0 − B̄ 0 states are not required (so that this analysis can be carried out at LHCb, as well as at the B factories), 2. Penguin pollution need not be neglected. 3. This approach can be used in both B d 0 and B s 0 systems. 4. A similar approach can be used for B decaying to two vectors too.

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