Prof. Dr. Jairo Sinova
Institut für Physik, SPICE
Johannes Gutenberg-Universität
Jo Gu-Uni Mainz

Theory of Condensed Matter: Hard Condensed Matter

Institut für Physik, SPICE

Programm für das Wintersemester 2018/2019

Dienstags, 10:00 Uhr, Seminar room K.

 04.10.2018 George Bourianoff, tba
 16.10.2018 Warlley Campos, JGU
Semi-Transparent Particles in Optical Tweezers: Topological Insulators, Semiconductors and Generalization of the Ashkins Mode
 30.10.2018 Imke Schneider, Technical University Kaiserslautern
Impurities and disorder in one-dimensional quantum systems
 06.11.2018 Markus Drescher, Universitt Hamburg
The Theory of Inelastic Tunneling Spectroscopy in Superconductors
 13.11.2018 Inti Sodemann, Max-Planck-Institut fr Physik komplexer Systeme Dresden
The Berry curvature dipole and the shear sound of metals
 20.11.2018 Tobias Meng, Technische Universitt Dresden
Weyl semimetals with single Weyl nodes, and the fate of their chiral anomaly
 26.11.2018 Assa Auerbach, Department of Physics, Technion, Israel
Equilibrium Formulae for Transverse Magneto-transport of Strongly Correlated Metals
 11.12.2018 Maxime Garnier, Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, Universit Paris-Sud
Many Majorana zero modes around the deformable edge of a magnetic skyrmion
 08.01.2019 Anna Pertsova, Nordita Stockholm
Transient excitonic instability in optically-driven Dirac materials

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