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Johannes Gutenberg-Universität
Jo Gu-Uni Mainz


Institut für Physik

Programm für das Wintersemester 2018/2019

Dienstags, 14:30 Uhr, MITP seminar room.

 25.09.2018 Anirban Karan, HBNI, Taramani, India
T and CPT violation in $B^0-bar{B}^0$ mixing
 16.10.2018 Florian Goertz, Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, Heidelberg, Germany
All Scalars from one Source: Axiflavon-Higgs Unification
 23.10.2018 Mikhail Gorshteyn, Institut fr Kernphysik, JGU, Mainz, Germany
Reduced hadronic uncertainty in V_{ud} and first-row CKM unitarity.
 30.10.2018 Da Huang, University of Warsaw
Electroweak Baryogenesis and Dark Matter from a Complex Singlet Scalar
 06.11.2018 Gabor Somogyi, University of Debrecen
CoLoRFulNNLO: developments and applications
 09.11.2018 Sondertermin/raum: Freitag um 13:30 Uhr im THEP social room
Tilman Plehn, Heidelberg University
The Rise of the Tagging Machines
 13.11.2018 Pablo Quilez, IFT-UAM/CSIC, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Heavy (dynamical) axions
 20.11.2018 Jiayin Gu, JGU Mainz
Probing the Higgs couplings and self-coupling at future lepton colliders in the EFT framework
 27.11.2018 Luc Darme, NCBJ Warsaw
Hunting light dark sectors at colliders and fixed target experiments
 04.12.2018 Javi Serra, Technical University of Munich
Phenomenological Consequences of Theoretical Constraints on EFTs
 11.12.2018 Wouter Waalewijn, University of Amsterdam
Electroweak logarithms in inclusive cross sections
 18.12.2018 Julian Munoz, Harvard University
Searching for Dark Matter at the Cosmic Dawn
 21.12.2018 Sondertermin/raum: Freitag um 13:30 Uhr im THEP social room
Kim Berghaus, Johns Hopkins University
Decays of Long-Lived Relics and Their Signatures at IceCube
 08.01.2019 Eleni Vryonidou, CERN
Precision in effective field theory studies for top quark and Higgs physics
 15.01.2019 Sondertermin/raum: Dienstag um 14:30 Uhr im Gernot-Graeff room
Matthias Jamin, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
QCD correlators at higher orders
 22.01.2019 Bogumila Swiezewska, Utrecht University
Testing conformal symmetry with gravitational-wave detectors
 29.01.2019 Sondertermin/raum: Dienstag um 15:30 Uhr im MITP room
Tim Stefaniak, DESY
BSM Higgs Sectors at the LHC: tools, benchmarks and signatures
 05.02.2019 Andre Hoang, University of Vienna
What is the top quark mass?
 08.02.2019 Victor Martin-Lozano, U. Bonn
Are the neutrinos driving the SM to the Swampland? and other Weak Gravity Conjecture tales
Sonderzeit/ort: Friday, 1:30 pm, THEP Social Room
 12.02.2019 Laura Sagunski, York University, Toronto

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