Seminar about Experimental Particle and Astroparticle Physics (ETAP)

Programm für das Sommersemester 2020

Mondays, 12:30 Uhr s.t.

Institut für Physik
usually Staudingerweg 7, Minkowskiraum
live at Zoom for now

27.04.20Bernard Brickwedde/Jan Lommler, Institut für Physik
Deep Learning
12:30 Uhr s.t., at Zoom

04.05.20Ralf Gugel, Institut für Physik
Measurement of Higgs boson production via gluon fusion and vector-boson fusion in the H → WW* decay mode with the ATLAS experiment at the LHC at √s = 13 TeV
12:30 Uhr s.t., at Zoom

11.05.20Simone Schuchmann, Institut für Physik
NA62: The Kaon Factory @ CERN
12:30 Uhr s.t., at Zoom

18.05.20Antoine Laudrain, Institut für Physik
Calibration of the ATLAS electromagnetic calorimeter
12:30 Uhr s.t., at Zoom

25.05.20Alexander Fritz/Seva Orekhov, Institut für Physik
12:30 Uhr s.t., at Zoom

22.06.20Kristof Schmieden, Institut für Physik
Light-by-Light scattering & ALPs at the LHC
12:30 Uhr s.t., usually Staudingerweg 7, Minkowskiraum, at Zoom for now

29.06.20Daniele Guffanti, Institut für Physik
First detection of CNO-cycle neutrinos with the Borexino experiment
12:30 Uhr s.t., usually Staudingerweg 7, Minkowskiraum, at Zoom for now

06.07.20Elisa Ruiz-Chóliz/Phi Chau, Institut für Physik
Axions and ALPs searches - cancelled
12:30 Uhr s.t., at Zoom

This talk has been cancelled

Please contact the ETAP group, if you want to participate in the seminar.


Dr. Duc Bao Ta
Institut fuer Physik
ducbao.ta (at)