Seminar about Experimental Particle and Astroparticle Physics (ETAP)

Programm für das Sommersemester 2024

Mondays, 12:30 Uhr s.t.

Institut für Physik
Staudingerweg 7, Minkowskiraum
live at

22.04.24Annika Stein, Institut für Physik
Novel Jet Flavour Tagging Algorithms exploiting Adversarial Deep Learning Techniques
12:30 Uhr s.t., Staudingerweg 7, Minkowskiraum, at

29.04.24Jan Weldert, Pennsylvania State University
Atmospheric neutrino oscillations with the IceCube Upgrade
12:30 Uhr s.t., Staudingerweg 7, Minkowskiraum, at

Please contact the ETAP group, if you want to participate in the seminar.
You can also find the agenda for the current semester here:
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Dr. Duc Bao Ta
Institut fuer Physik
ducbao.ta (at)