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08 Jun 2020 bis 14 Jun 2020 (KW 24)

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09 Jun 2020

Physikalisches Kolloquium

Institut für Kernphysik, Remote Seminar

16:15 Uhr s.t., online (zoom oder BigBlueButton)

Martin Fertl, JGU Mainz
Muon g-2: Comparing the Muon’s Clocks to Test the Standard Model of Particle Physics


Institut für Physik

16:00 Uhr s.t., None

Elina Fuchs, Chicago U. & Fermilab
Complex Yukawa couplings of the Higgs boson have interesting implications for Higgs production and decay rates, EDMs and CP violation for electroweak baryogenesis. I will present if there are viable regions fulfilling all of these three complementary constraints, for real and imaginary dimension-six terms of the tau, muon, top and bottom. After considering each flavor separately, I will show that combinations of several sources allow for cancellations in the EDM and an enhancement of the baryon asymmetry.
at Zoom

11 Jun 2020

Seminar über Theorie der kondensierten Materie / TRR146 Seminar

K. Binder/ A. Nikoubashman / F. Schmid / G. Settanni / T. Speck / M. Sulpizi / P. Virnau

10:30 Uhr s.t., Newtonraum, 01-122, Staudingerweg 9

Ashreya Jayaram, Institut für Physik, JGU, PhD student
Collective Behaviour of Anisotropic Active Particles