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27 Jun 2022 bis 03 Jul 2022 (KW 26)

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27 Jun 2022

Seminar about Experimental Particle and Astroparticle Physics (ETAP)

Institut für Physik

12:30 Uhr s.t., Staudingerweg 7, Minkowskiraum

Ralf Gugel, Institut für Physik
Impressions from CERN: Triggering Run 3
at Zoom also available

RIND seminar on Mathematical Physics and String Theory

U. Mainz, LMU Munich, U. Heidelberg, U. Vienna

16 Uhr c.t., None

Sara Pasquetti, U. of Milano-Bicocca
We introduce an algorithm to piecewise dualise linear quivers into their mirror dual. The algorithm uses two basic duality moves and the properties of the S-wall which can all be derived by iterative applications of Seiberg-like dualities.
at Zoom, BigBlueButton

28 Jun 2022

Physikalisches Kolloquium

Institut für Kernphysik

16:15 Uhr s.t., HS KPH

Markus Rex, AWI Potsdam
Frozen at the North Pole - Expedition to the Epicenter of Climate Change It was the largest expedition to the Arctic ever. In October 2019, the research icebreaker “Polarstern” allowed itself to be frozen solid in the Arctic sea ice in order to drift through the central Arctic for an entire year powered only by the natural flow of the arctic ice. Supported by six other ships as well as airplanes and helicopters, this is the first time that a modern research icebreaker vessel has reached the immediate vicinity of the North Pole in winter. Following in the footsteps of Fridtjof Nansen's historic research expedition from 1893-1896, the scientists explored the North Pole in greater detail than ever before, despite extreme cold, Arctic storms, an ever-changing ice landscape and the unprecedented challenges posed by the Corona pandemic. They achieved groundbreaking observations of climate processes in the central Arctic. This will enable them to better understand and predict the climate system. Project and expedition leader Markus Rex reports on the dramatic climate change in the Arctic and gives an insight into the process and the first results of this unique expedition.


Institut für Physik

14:00 Uhr s.t., Lorentz room (Staudingerweg 7, 5th floor)

Manuel Reichert, University of Sussex
Over the past decades, the asymptotic safety scenario has matured into a viable contender for a consistent theory of quantum gravity. A pressing open question concerns the unitarity of the theory. I will present important steps towards tackling this issue and show the first direct computation of the graviton spectral function in asymptotically safe quantum gravity with a novel Lorentzian renormalisation group approach. The resulting graviton spectral function displays a massless one-graviton peak and a positive multi-graviton continuum with an asymptotically safe scaling for large spectral values, though being gauge-dependent. To understand the intricacies, I will contrast this to a perturbatively well-controlled computation of spectral functions in gauge theories with an infrared Banks-Zaks fixed point. I will indicate consequences for scattering amplitudes and unitarity.
at Zoom

29 Jun 2022

PRISMA+ Colloquium

Institut für Physik

13:00 Uhr s.t., Lorentz-Raum, 05-127, Staudingerweg 7

Helene Götschel, FU Berlin
Physics and astrophysics are strongly aligned with cleverness and masculinity. ‘Not surprisingly, physics does an extremely good job at keeping people out’ (Anna Danielsson 2022). Therefore, encouraging women and minorities to join is not enough. We need to understand and overcome the gendered, classed and raced politics of knowledge-producing processes in STEM. In this talk we reflect on the power of norms and exclusions in the culture, representation, and teaching of physics. We look, for example, at communications in research labs, educational settings at universities, physicists’ behavior at conferences, and contents of physics textbooks. In addition, we discuss strategies to value and welcome diversity and equity in physics (teaching).

SPICE-Spin+X Seminar


15:00 Uhr s.t., None

Ankit Disa, MPSD
at Zoom and SPICE YouTube Channel

30 Jun 2022

Seminar über Quanten-, Atom- und Neutronenphysik (QUANTUM)

Institut für Physik

14 Uhr c.t., Lorentzraum 05-127

Prof. Dr. Reinhold Walser, TU Darmstadt, Institut für Angewandte Physik
We will present the efforts to model realistic cold quantum gas experiments in (3+1)D for long times and large distances for the use in precision interferometry on ground, in the ZARM drop tower and in orbit.

Seminar über Theorie der kondensierten Materie / TRR146 Seminar

K. Binder/ A. Nikoubashman / F. Schmid / G. Settanni / T. Speck / M. Sulpizi / P. Virnau

15:00 Uhr s.t., Minkowski room, Staudingerweg 7

Theo Odijk, Lorentz Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Leiden
at zoom